Flip The Debt

Hey 1%

Want to“Fix The Debt”?

Pay Your Damn Taxes!


* $2.3 Trillion has been stolen by corporations and the top 1% using loopholes, tax havens and tax cuts, growing by $100 billion a year.

Owed by:

  • GE
  • Boeing
  • Chase
  • Delta
  • Bank of America
  • Citi
  • Exxon
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Verizon
  • Wells Fargo

And More

Fine print: An influential front group of Wall St. Corporations calling itself ‘Fix The Debt’ is demanding we cut social support programs like Social Security and Medicare in order to reduce the deficit. The funny part? Our deficit is so huge because these very same corporations - and the wealthiest 1% - have been rigging the rules to exploit loopholes, tax havens and tax cuts for years!

Can you believe:

  • Since 2001, we've stacked up a whopping $1 trillion in debt from Tax Cuts for the 1%.1
  • Another $1.3 trillion is from wealthy corporations like GE, Verizon and Bank of America, which pay little or no taxes.2
  • This corporate tax dodging adds up to $2.3 trillion stolen from the US treasury, and keeps growing by $100 billion a year.3
  • The combined bill for all this? Way more than the $1.6 trillion in cuts that Congress is debating.

The fact is we wouldn’t have to make these cuts, and we could invest in putting America back to work, if only they paid their fair share. So we say, rather than ‘fix the debt’, let’s ‘flip the debt’ and put responsibility where it belongs.

Hey 1%! Pay your damn taxes.

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Statistics from Citizens for Tax Justice